Featured Organizations

Weld Seattle

At Weld, we believe that words matter, especially when it comes to how we talk about people. Sometimes people describe Weld’s members using words like: ex-cons, convicts, ex-inmates, ex-offenders, felons, or ex-prisoners. We believe our members' criminal convictions should not define who they are and that they should be able to move forward positively in their lives. As an alternative, we suggest using a phrase such as “individuals who were formerly incarcerated” to describe someone who has returned home from prison.

Community Collaboratory

Community Collaboratory is an online tool that allows you to easily find brief, safe, and remote ways to offer/request support that fit your interests, availability, and comfort level. Match with community members by zip code, level of involvement, age, topic, and much more. We aim to improve community well-being by using relationships to increase access to healthcare, education, public services, and address unmet needs in our communities.

The Other Side Village

The Village is founded on the conviction that housing alone will never solve homelessness, but community will. The combination of high quality, permanent housing and a strong culture of personal growth, support, and connection is the heart of our model. The Other Side Village is a self-reliant, master-planned neighborhood that provides affordable, permanent quality housing, access to social services, and a robust and supportive community for men and women coming out of chronic homelessness.

Community Circle

Community Circle, an innovative web-based application, is intended to decrease systems fragmentation in shelters serving people experiencing homelessness. Community Circle will center the community through co-design and an iterative development process in partnership with individuals with lived experience and direct service providers. At Community Circle, we believe in utilizing digital technologies to improve resource efficiency while increasing health equity and access for individuals interacting with the human services system.