What We Offer

What We Offer

360 Social Ventures advances our model by bringing tech into the marginalized community instead of only bringing individuals from those communities into tech, thus challenging existing DEI strategies. Secondly, we commit to deep, authentic partnerships between members of the dominant and marginalized communities, as we understand that no radical change can be sustained without collaboration and power-sharing. Lastly, we catalyze systemic change because we serve as a civil-society actor that will accelerate the model forward, engage the local community, cultivate public and private investment, and deepen local and state government partnerships. In order to achieve progress on towards great inclusion and impact for our community, we will deliver the following programs and services:

  • Curriculum/Education - 360 Social Ventures will provide access to extensive training resources from our partners, the WTIA, as well as programs and services offered through our academic partners. In addition, founders will have access to biweekly/weekly seminars on topics relevant to building a company, as well as opportunities to brainstorm with the cohort and mentors.

  • Network of Mentors – We are assembling seasoned mentors passionate about assisting diverse founders. Specific professionals will serve as core mentors or Entrepreneurs-in-Residence to assist the cohort, supported by a network of mentors and advisors.

  • Engagement With Local Business and Civic Leaders - We have started engaging with the local ecosystem in downtown Seattle to explore the impact of homelessness and mental health on economic opportunity and development. We will disseminate the findings to elected officials, and community organizations will have the chance to submit ideas and challenges to be addressed during regularly scheduled hackathons, competitions, and workshops.

  • Physical Office Space - We will provide teams in our community with access to fully-connected workstations in our 2,000 sq/ft downtown office. Teams will have 24/7 access to Melbourne Tower, as well as in-house mail service. Our conference room will be available on a reservation basis, with additional meetings arranged in our smaller private offices.

  • Investment Opportunities – We will facilitate introductions and support the development of relationships between founders and local and national investors focused on social impact investing and ESG.

  • Mental Health and Wellness Programming - We plan to provide resources to support the mental health of our founders. Research shows that founders are at high risk of mental health issues, especially with the demands and intensity of starting companies. We want our founders to have the resiliency to grow their companies and pursue their mission long-term in a supportive community.