Accelerator Partners

501(c)3 Fiscal Sponsor

Circle of Friends for Mental Health, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, exists to give all human beings who face mental health challenges, homelessness or addiction, a fresh chance to find their identity by empowering those with physical, cognitive and emotional challenges through creative self-expression in Arts. Our programs serve as a natural enduring catalyst to aid people in their recovery. The people we serve have wide-ranging needs, and come from diverse cultural, social and economic backgrounds.

Accelerator Partner

Carta works with our Accelerator Partners to provide educational programming and subscription discounts for the portfolio companies. The programming includes Equity Essentials sessions that highlight key early stage financing, compensation, and company structure insights. The free Launch plan helps companies set up their cap table in Carta and set the trajectory for their ownership structure through share issuance / exercise / tracking along with SAFE raising / issuance / modeling, and more.

Global Accelerator Parter

theSPACE is a NGO located in Fidjrosse, Cotonou, Benin Republic and was established in 2019. theSPACE was founded to provide startup and incubation training and education the next generation of African entrepreneurs and innovators. Even though entrepreneurial training and education are provided generously by non-profits and development agencies, youth still tremendous challenges to open a business. Our mission is to fill the gaps they lack by providing access to critical infrastructure (office space, equipment, tools, internet), long-term mentoring and coaching, and financial literacy and business education to support the development of sustainable businesses in West Africa.