Washington State Microenterprise Association

The Washington State Microenterprise Association supports Microenterprise Development Organizations (MDOs), regional leaders that assist Washington businesses with five or fewer employees. MDOs help entrepreneurs earn more, innovate, grow, and contribute to the Washington State’s economy through services such as training, technical assistance, microloans, and advocacy.

360 Social Impact Studios is a registered Technical Assistance Provider for the WSMA.

501(c)3 Fiscal Sponsor

Circle of Friends for Mental Health, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, exists to give all human beings who face mental health challenges, homelessness or addiction, a fresh chance to find their identity by empowering those with physical, cognitive and emotional challenges through creative self-expression in Arts. Our programs serve as a natural enduring catalyst to aid people in their recovery. The people we serve have wide-ranging needs, and come from diverse cultural, social and economic backgrounds.

Accelerator Partner

Carta works with our Accelerator Partners to provide educational programming and subscription discounts for the portfolio companies. The programming includes Equity Essentials sessions that highlight key early stage financing, compensation, and company structure insights. The free Launch plan helps companies set up their cap table in Carta and set the trajectory for their ownership structure through share issuance / exercise / tracking along with SAFE raising / issuance / modeling, and more.


With BECU Workplace Banking for 360 Social Impact Studios, cohort members can enjoy a special promotional membership.

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Washington Technology Industry Association

The WTIA is a coalition of like-minded innovators and problem solvers who believe in harnessing the transformative potential of technology and our collective strengths to build a better, brighter world for everyone. 


We are a technical solution provider for the RISE-WA Accelerator.

The Accelerator is a project funded by a Small Business Innovation Fund grant from the Washington State Department of Commerce and organized by the Pacific NorthWest Economic Region (PNWER) Foundation.

The goal of the RISE-WA project is to bring technical solution providers and technology entrepreneurs together with rural Small, Women, and Black, Indigenous, People of Color-owned businesses (S/W/BIPOC) in Washington State to utilize innovation and technology of the urban tech sector to improve pandemic resilience and business recovery.

Weld Seattle

At Weld, we believe that words matter, especially when it comes to how we talk about people. Sometimes people describe Weld’s members using words like: ex-cons, convicts, ex-inmates, ex-offenders, felons, or ex-prisoners. We believe our members' criminal convictions should not define who they are and that they should be able to move forward positively in their lives. As an alternative, we suggest using a phrase such as “individuals who were formerly incarcerated” to describe someone who has returned home from prison. 


CavnessHR, a remote, diverse, and veteran-owned startup, offers tailored HR solutions for small businesses, combining extensive expertise in onboarding, and compliance to provide comprehensive support and help businesses thrive.

Creator Source Studios

Creator Source Studios strives to foster creativity and representation in media. We aim to change the way stories are told through imagination, originality, and purpose.