Innovate with Kolbe:
Founders Edition

by 360 Social Impact Studios

The Kolbe Index helps identify a Founder’s unique “superpower”

Founders operate instinctively and passionately. Regardless of whether they feel equipped or experienced enough to tackle any given problem. A founder who knows their superpower can successfully accomplish anything. Even problems they've never faced.

Mike Lee, Entrepreneur-In-Residence, 360 Social Impact Studios

360 Social Impact Studios is launching Innovate with Kolbe: Founders Edition for entrepreneurs who want to better understand their superpowers as a founder. Knowing your Kolbe superpowers will improve your abilities to secure funding, build product and assemble and lead a team.

Innovate with Kolbe: Founders Edition is a coaching and assessment scholarship program facilitated by Mike Lee, Entrepreneur-In-Residence with 360 Social Impact Studios. Mike is an experienced startup Advisor with 24 years of experience working with startup founders and Fortune 25 leaders.

How will the "Innovate with Kolbe" program work?

360 Social Impact Studios will award 7 founders / founding teams (up to 3 people) coaching scholarships facilitated by Mike Lee. Each scholarship includes a FREE Kolbe A Index assessment and 4 one-on-one coaching sessions. Interested founders can apply here!

Mike will meet 1:1 with founders in a series of 1-hour coaching sessions. During this time, he will help you understand what your Kolbe Index A assessment is saying, and help you use those findings to tackle your current challenges, problems and opportunities. With each subsequent coaching, you will discuss how Kolbe is helping you take action.

You will learn the answers to questions like:

What gaps do you need to complement?

How does your founder “killer instinct” show up each day? What differentiates you as a founder?

How do you instinctively “show up” as a leader?

How does your instinctive self show up in the doing of your work?

What is Kolbe?

The Kolbe A Index is a strengths assessment that shows how you instinctively take action and make decisions. Instincts show themselves before you know it, are difficult to identify and are the primary influencers of success and failure. Knowing your instinctive way of doing what you do helps you capitalize on your natural strengths, identify why certain situations can be exciting, taxing or frustrating, and helps you win.

Why it Matters

In the confidential coaching sessions we will discuss and explore your instinctive strengths and how they will affect you as a founder. We will discuss how you can use Kolbe to:

What will you learn?

About Mike Lee

Mike Lee is a founder, advisor and team builder with 24 years of experience working with startups and Fortune 25 companies. Mike founded 2 recruiting firms in technology and healthcare, and led talent for Menlo Labs, the venture studio inside Menlo Ventures. He also led talent for 4 technology startups acquired by the Home Depot and built a new data science organization within Pfizer. Mike has worked with hundreds of leaders and built dozens of founding teams.

“In our work together, we will identify your Kolbe instincts,  and specific, practical actions you can take to increase your odds of success. My coaching approach with founders is to point out what you are already doing (but may not see), and can do more (or less) to achieve your goals. Success isn’t as far away as it feels when you understand what truly got you ‘here,’ and how you can get ‘there’ by leveraging and complementing yourself.”

Founders know they have great instincts and strengths, but they sometimes question if they're doing the most important thing, missing a higher priority or using the strongest approach. Kolbe helps unlock what they're already doing well, AND helps them identify the "one more thing" that can be a difference maker.

Mike Lee, Entrepreneur-In-Residence, 360 Social Impact Studios